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Company Overview

Mason Graphite is a Canadian mining and mineral processing company focused on the development of what management believes to be one of the highest grade graphite deposits known in the world. The 100% owned Lac Guéret graphite project is located in northeastern Québec, Canada.

In December 2018, the Company issued the positive results of an updated Feasibility Study (FS) for the Lac Guéret project that featured a long life, low cost operation with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 27.7% (details of the FS can be found on the PROJECT page). This study considers only a fraction of the total Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources. "In-Pit" Mineral Resources beyond the Project Life of 25 years represents the ore looking to be extracted after the initial 25 years of mine life, providing the Company with the flexibility of extending the mine life far beyond what was presented in the results of the Feasibility Study. Details of those figures can be found in the Corporate Presentation.

Mason Graphite is now focused on obtaining all remaining required financing in order to begin construction in 2019, with the aim of achieving production in 2020.

The Company is led by a highly experienced graphite team led by Benoit Gascon, CPA, CA, who has held 20 years of executive positions at Timcal (later became Imerys Graphite and Carbon), including over 6 years as CEO. Imerys Graphite and Carbon is the largest graphite supplier in the world.

The company is also advancing a detailed study for large scale production of value-added graphite products, which was initiated in 2015. Such 2nd transformation includes micronization, additional purification, spheronization and coating, resulting in graphite products suitable for a wide range of technical applications (including carbon brushes, brake linings, plastics and lubricants), electrochemical applications (including alkaline batteries, Li-ion batteries and fuel cells), as well as other specialized uses. Mason Graphite has been working on product development and manufacturing processes with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), COREM and Soutex. The management team has more than 30 years of experience in processing and marketing different types of graphite and other carbon products to the alkaline and Li-ion battery industries. Preliminary economic data related to the Second Transformation Program can be found in the Corporate Presentation.

Mason’s leadership is fully engaged in the realization of a project which respects and even surpasses the recognized standards in sustainable mining development nationally and globally.


At Mason Graphite, our ambition is to become a leading graphite producer, to position ourselves as a profitable and reliable company for all growth pillars (shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers) and to be recognized as a company that benefits community development with which we are partnering. Our growth strategy includes the development of value-added products and acquisitions in our field of activity.



Beyond the ambitious results we aim for, we value processes that enable initiative, creativity and innovation. We agree to do things differently and seek continuous improvement in all our practices. We cultivate the competence of our staff as well as the development and sharing of knowledge and expertise. Thus, we adapt with agility to the opportunities that our partnership environment and our markets offer us.


Consideration and respect for human beings and the natural environment are at the heart of our priorities because our sustainability and growth depend on it. Managing responsibly means that our pursuit of high financial returns in the short, medium and long term is the result of our constant efforts to honor our social license to operate.


We build and maintain relationships of trust and collaboration among members of our organization, the host communities and our other stakeholders by promoting open, transparent and honest communication. The synergy that results from it is both favorable to the development of our business and to the fulfillment of the people and communities with which we work.


We strive to ensure the health, safety and physical integrity of our staff by maintaining a participatory culture of workplace health and safety based on the elimination of hazards at the source. We adopt the same preventive and proactive attitude to manage the impact of our activities on the population and the environment.

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3030 Le Carrefour blvd., Suite 600
Laval, QC H7T 2P5
+1 (514) 289 3580
1111 Saint-Charles Ouest,
Suite 411
Longueil, Québec, J4K 5G4
T +1 (647) 801 7273
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